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Cultural Dwarfs And Junk JournalismCultural Dwarfs and Junk Journalism, investigates Dr Ben Goldacre’s role in industry lobby groups and puts another point of view in defense of some of the people whom he has attacked, belittled, satirized, castigated, vilified, maligned and opined against in his junk journalism.

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Ben Goldacre

Broadly speaking, the essay that follows is the latest addition to my
ongoing analysis of the British corporate science lobby and its popular
campaigning arms, skeptics and quackbusters.5 Specifically, the
essay focuses on attacks on Patrick Holford, the independent nutritionist,
while trying to place the quackbusting journalist Ben
Goldacre, who began this round of attacks, in a social and political

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The Guardian

“Ok, hands up. I hate nutritionists and phony diet marketers. I hate
them because they confuse evidence and theory. I hate them because
they make sweeping assertions that something will work in the real
world on the basis of tenuous laboratory data. And they either do not
understand that, or they do and they are being dishonest.

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