Appendix 5 – HealthWatch Weblinks

Advertising Standards Authority / American Council on Science and
Health / Association of Broadcasting Doctor / Bad Science – Ben
Goldacre’s weekly column in The Guardian / Cochrane collaboration
/ CSICOP Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the
Paranormal / – the web resource for UK dieticians,
with many useful links / FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation of
the UN / FDA Consumer – The consumer bulletin of the US Food and
Drug Administration / HFEA – Human Fertilisation and Embryology
Authority / Institute of Nanotechnology / James Randi’s home page
(James Randi demolished Benveniste’s Nature paper on the memory
of water) / National Council Against Health Fraud (USA) / Nutrition
web sites reviewed from Tufts University / Ontario Skeptics Society –
a general sceptics site, with some information on complementary and
alternative medicine / Quack-Files – Paul Lee’s skeptical quackbuster
site, with many links to similar sites Quackwatch / Sense about
Science / Social Issues Research Centre.

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