Appendix 9 – The Usual Dog’s Dinner

Other contributors included:
Peter Baker, Chief Executive, Men’s Health Forum.
Kierra Box, Founder, Hands Up.
Nigel Brooksby, Managing Director, sanofi-aventis, and President of
the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.
Dr Eric Brunner, Reader in Epidemiology and Public Health,
University College London.
Claire Cater, Director, Bell Pottinger.
Robert Goodwill MP; Paula Hunt, Dietician, Weight Watchers.
Tabitha Jay, National Programme Delivery Manager, Physical
Activity, Nutrition and Obesity Department, Department of Health.
Dr Susan Jebb, Head of Nutrition and Health Research, MRC
Human Nutrition Research.
Melanie Leech, Director General, Food and Drink Federation.
Dr Peter Marsh, Director, Social Issues Research Centre.
Dr Jonathan Pinkney, Consultant Physician and Senior Lecturer,
Royal Cornwall Hospital and Peninsula Medical School.
Hazel Ross, Chair, Dieticians in Obesity Management, British
Dietetic Association.

Obesity 2006 also includes comments from Suzanne Edmond, Public
Affairs Manager, Food Advertising Unit, and Jane Holdsworth,
General Manager UK & Ireland, on behalf of Danone, Kellogg’s,
Kraft, Nestlé and PepsiCo; Dr Amelia Lake, Dietician and Public
Health Nutritionist.

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